an early middle aged man smiles while embracing his young children, having overcome hearing loss

Your world is filled with sound, from Grandpa’s loud, satisfied proclamation, “Yeah, that’s good coffee,” to the quiet shuffle of a child’s crayon on paper. Better hearing means never missing a moment. Here are 12 reasons to stay on — or start — a better-hearing journey.

  1. Sweet Nothings. Your spouse whispering, “Sleep well, honey,” before bed, just like they have for years.
  2. Compliments. Hearing just how delicious your home cooking is or how festive your house looks this season.
  3. “I Do.” You, your child, or your grandchild beginning a life together with that special someone.
  4. Firsts. A toddler saying their first words — or, better yet, that first time a child or grandchild says, “I love you.”
  5. Reading Aloud. A child thrilling to all your imagination, expression, enthusiasm, and silly accents.
  6. Important Information. Signals such as “You dropped this,” “Your plane is now boarding,” or “Stop!”
  7. Sports Moments. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, “Popcorn! Get your popcorn!” or “GOOOAAALLL!”
  8. Music. Children’s recitals, the nuances in your favorite Beethoven symphony, a beloved album on those amazing new speakers.
  9. Jokes. Inside jokes, punch lines, the giggles of your family members (caused, of course, by your very clever quip).
  10. White Noise. The subtle crunch of snow under your feet, the rain on your bedroom window, or the light pencil taps of your partner deep in thought.
  11. Pet Sounds. Your cat purring, your dog panting her appreciation after a long walk, your horse clip-clopping to the barn at the sound of feed being poured.
  12. Work Quirks. A co-worker’s distinct typing, a unique laugh from across the room, your manager’s “Hey, team, gather ’round,” before

Kick-start a better-hearing journey — yours or a loved one’s — in the new year by contacting us today to schedule a consultation!