Should you carry your hearing aids in your pockets? What’s a quick trick to check whether the batteries are working? Why should you open the battery compartment when not using your devices? How can you keep your hearing technology clean?

Hearing aids play a big role in helping you stay connected to what matters most, so it’s important to protect them — and the batteries — from moisture, chemicals, and other harmful elements.

Having your hearing aids cleaned, checked, and adjusted periodically by a professional helps keep them in top shape, but a little DIY maintenance goes a long way. For hearing aid care and maintenance at home, Bonnie Rubin Audiology offers a handy list of easy tips.

Important Reminders on Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance:

  1. Red for right ear and blue for left ear.
  2. Always open the battery doors when not in use. It is the only way to shut off your hearing aids.
  3. When changing batteries, remove the adhesive tab and let the battery rest for three to five minutes before inserting it into the battery compartment.
  4. If you have to force the battery door closed, it probably means the battery is loaded improperly. DON’T FORCE IT!!
  5. Keep track of when you change your batteries. Consider changing them on a regular basis to avoid batteries going dead at inconvenient times. If you don’t already have one of our calendars, please ask for one to help you keep track of your usage.
  6. Cupping the hearing aid gently in your hand to generate squealing or “feedback” will indicate working batteries.
  7. If you are using a lubricant to insert your hearing aids, remember to squeeze a teardrop size onto your finger tip, never directly on the instrument.
  8. You cannot get your hearing aids wet! No showers or swimming with devices on. If they should get wet, remove the batteries, dry the hearing aids off, and place them in the dryer jar for several hours if they aren’t working.
  9. Make sure to wipe your hearing aids off at night to remove accumulated wax. Use a dry tissue and the brush provided. Use the wire loop to remove wax from openings or crevices.
  10. Store the hearing aids in your dryer jar. It’s the best place for them. If you don’t wear your hearing aids every day, you should remove the batteries before placing the hearing aids in the jar and store the batteries elsewhere.
  11. Wax guards should be changed as needed but at least once a month. Domes should also be changed regularly, or when they become discolored. Mark the calendar when you change them!
  12. Never put your hearing aids in your pockets if they are removed and you have no case with you. They collect lint and dirt and get lost that way.
  13. Ladies: be careful about exposing the hearing aids to hair spray. Spray your hair before inserting and cover your ears to avoid lacquer buildup in your ears.

Remember that you are entitled to free batteries for the life of the warranty! We recommend quarterly maintenance checks, especially in the first year. All follow-up visits are free of charge for the life of the warranty.

We are here to help you! Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, or problems.

Download the Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips PDF

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