7 Tips for Keeping Your Hearing Aids Safe From Loss or Damage

Hearing aids play a big role in connecting you to the people, places, and experiences that matter most in your life, so it’s important to keep these powerful but small devices safe from harm.

How can you keep track of your hearing devices in busy settings such as hospital, nursing, or rehabilitation facilities while getting care? We’ve got seven tips to help you protect your tech and continue hearing your best.

1. Use a Container
Keep a container — labeled with your name — right on the nightstand to store your hearing aids when not in use. And remember: hearing-aid dryers and dehumidifiers can double as storage vessels, too!

2. Bypass the Food Tray
When not wearing your devices, it can seem temptingly convenient to simply put them on your food tray, but they can get damaged or lost that way. Better to store them in the vessel you’ve specifically designated for your hearing aids.

3. Take Them Out
If housekeeping comes to change the bed sheets, and you’re unable to get out of bed, be sure to remove your hearing devices so they don’t fall off in the linens and get thrown away.

4. Remove the Batteries
Batteries need care and safekeeping, too, so remember to remove them from your hearing aids and store them separately when not in use. Keep them dry and at room temperature; wetness and extreme temps can cause damage.

5. Enlist Family Support
Consider not keeping your hearing aids with you and instead having a family member or friend bring them when coming to visit, if that’s feasible.

6. Share Your Concerns
Don’t hesitate to tell your doctor if you’re concerned about being able to hear just before surgery or in recovery. Also, make sure the nursing staff and the rest of your medical team are aware if you have a significant hearing loss.

7. Think Ahead
Hospitals and rehab facilities typically don’t assume responsibility for lost hearing aids, glasses, or dentures, so plan ahead for proper handling whenever possible. Making a checklist before you need it — and sharing copies with your loved ones — can help you keep these critical items safe and sound.

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